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State of the Birds Report

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Ruddy Duck by Gerrit Vyn
Suggested Citation for this Report: 

North American Bird Conservation Initiative, U.S. Committee, 2011. The State of the Birds 2011 Report on Public Lands and Waters. U.S. Department of Interior: Washington, DC. 48 pages.

Project Leads:

Mike Kreger, Paul Schmidt (USFWS)

Science Team:

David Pashley, George Wallace (American Bird Conservancy); Sandra Brewer, Geoffrey Walsh (BLM); Charles Francis (Canadian Wildlife Service); Daniel Fink, Kenneth V. Rosenberg, (Cornell Lab of Ornithology); Chris Eberly (DoD Partners in Flight); John Alexander (Klamath Bird Observatory); Deb Hahn (NABCI and AFWA); Greg Butcher (National Audubon Society); Jeff Shenot (NOAA); Brent Steury (NPS); David Mehlman (The Nature Conservancy); Jocelyn Aycrigg (University of Idaho); Frank Thompson (USFS); Brad Andres, Laurel Barnhill, Brad Bortner, Jorge Coppen, Robert Ford, Alicia Frances King, Nanette Seto (USFWS); John Sauer, J. Michael Scott (USGS and University of Idaho)

Elegant Trogon by Greg
Editors: Miyoko Chu (Cornell Lab of Ornithology), Alicia Frances King (USFWS)


Communications Team:

Douglas A. Boyce, Miyoko Chu, Ashley Dayer, Melanie Gade, Robert Johns, Alicia Frances King, Sally Plumb, Catherine Puckett, Jon Schwedler, Nancy Severance


Graphic Layout and Website: Joanne Uy Avila, Brima Battle, Greg Delisle, Alicia Frances King, Pat Leonard, Sarah Seroussi, Diane L. Tessaglia-Hymes 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service took the lead in creating this report through the partnership involving the U.S. North American Bird Conservation Initiative and other agencies and partners. 

We thank the following people for their contributions or reviews:

Fred Amidon, Cathleen Bailey, Greg Balogh, Lainie Berry, John Carlson, John Cobb, Jaime A. Collazo, Mason Croft, Theodoros Damoulas, Anne Davidson, Andrew Dolgert, Karen L. Drews, Lisa Duarte, Jane Fallon, Jane Fitzgerald, John Fitzpatrick, Holly Freifeld, Scott Fretz, Tom Gardali, Jeff Gerbracht, Tracey Gotthardt, Abel Guevara, Mary Gustafson, Anne Hecht, Steve Holmer, Nick Holmes, Bill Howe, Darcy Hu, Chuck Hunter, Marshall Iliff, Jaime Jahncke, Steve Kelling, Steve Kress, David L. Leonard, Jr., Jeff Lonneker, Annie Marshall, Philip Martin, Kent McFarland, Walter Munsterman, Jessica Hardesty Norris, Keri Parker, Dwain (Fritz) Prellwitz, Adam Radel, C. John Ralph, Michelle Reynolds, Terry Rich, Kim Rivera, Rondi Robison, Deborah Rocque, Janet Ruth, Meghan Sadlowski, Brian Smith, Cara Staab, Craig Thompson, Eric VanderWerf, Kevin Webb, James Weigand, Anna Weinstein. Special thanks to NABCI member organizations and to Ben Deeble and Michael Reed for their peer review.

Gray Jay by Gerrit Vyn
We are grateful to following organizations and programs for providing invaluable support for data analysis and statistical modeling:

Leon Levy Foundation, Wolf Creek Foundation, National Gap Analysis Program at the University of Idaho, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, NPS Inventory and Monitoring Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, and National Science Foundation through Data-ONE (0830944), the Institute for Computational Sustainability (0832782), research grant (1017793), and TeraGrid computing resources provided under grant number TG-DEB100009. 

Special thanks to the following photographers for generously donating multiple images for use in the print report and on the website: 

Gerrit Vyn, Greg Lavaty, Brian Sullivan, Haven Barnhill, Jessie Barry, Carol Beidleman, Ashley Dayer, Chris Eberly, Gavin Emmons, Jim Goetz, Jack Jeffrey, Pete Leary, Tom MacKenzie, Kent McFarland, Ed Melvin, D.A. Polhemus, Kenneth V. Rosenberg, Rick Stanley, Michael Walther, Katherine Whittemore, Chris Wood


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