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State of the Birds Report

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Citation & Acknowledgments

Least Tern chick by Gerrit Vyn.
Suggested Citation: North American Bird Conservation Initiative, U.S. Committee, 2013. The State of the Birds 2013 Report on Private Lands. U.S. Department of Interior: Washington, D.C. 48 pages.

Project Leads: Jerome Ford and Alicia Frances King (USFWS). This report was created in partnership with the U.S. Committee of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative

Science Team: David Pashley, George Wallace (American Bird Conservancy); Allison Vogt (Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies); Ashley Dayer, Daniel Fink, Kenneth V. Rosenberg (Cornell Lab of Ornithology); Dale Humburg (Ducks Unlimited); John Alexander (Klamath Bird Observatory); Ben Wigley (National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Inc.); David Mehlman (The Nature Conservancy); Danielle Flynn (NRCS); Seth Gallagher (Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory); Jocelyn Aycrigg (University of Idaho); Frank Thompson (USFS); Brad Andres, Laurel Barnhill, Andy Bishop, Alicia Frances King (USFWS); John Sauer (USGS)

Editors: Gustave Axelson (Cornell Lab of Ornithology); Alicia Frances King (USFWS)

Communications Team: Philip Barbour, Andy Bishop, Brandon Breen, Miyoko Chu, Bridget Collins, Ashley Dayer, Jennie Duberstein, Alicia Frances King, Kevin Pierson, Gavin Shire, Tammy VerCauteren, Allison Vogt, Delta Willis

Graphic Layout and Website: Joanne Uy Avila, Greg DeLisle, Alicia Frances King, Pat Leonard, Sarah Seroussi, Diane L. Tessaglia-Hymes


We thank the following people for their contributions or review: Max Alleger, Fred Amidon, Ole Amundsen, Victoria Arthur, Tom Auer, Donna Ball, Sara Barker, Lainie Berry, Jonathan Beyer, Julia Boland, Mike Brasher, Wes Burger, Katie Chang, Keith Cline, Jaime A. Collazo, John Coluccy, Mason Croft, Tom Dailey, Theo Damoulas, Anne Davidson, Andrew Dolgert, Patrick Donnelly, Lisa Duarte, Angela Dwyer, Beth Emmerich, John W. Fitzpatrick, Julia Fonseca, Holly Freifeld, Scott Fretz, Jeff Gerbracht, Wendell Gilgert, Tracey Gotthardt, Tim Griffiths, Ronnie Haynes, James Herkert, Wesley Hochachka, Mark Humpert, Chuck Hunter, Skip Hyberg, Marshall Iliff, J. Dale James, Jason Johnson, Matthew R. Kaminski, Steve Kelling, Gary Langham, Jeff Larkin, Thomas Laxson, Geoff LeBaron, David L. Leonard, Jr., Iván Llerandi-Román, Ross Lock, Jeff Lonneker, Thomas Maloney, Annie Marshall, Don McKenzie, Suzanne Medina, Curt Meine, Tom Moorman, Dave Naugle, Greg Neudecker, Glenn Olson, Benton Pang, Mark Petrie, Mary Pfaffko, John Pinkowski, Sheldon Plentovich, Debbie Pressman, Paul Radley, Michael Reed, Fritz Reid, Charlie Rewa, Deborah Richie, Ron Rohrbaugh, Brian Rutledge, Thomas Schmidt, Dave Smith, Larry Snyder, Henning Stabins, Casey Stemler, Scott Stewart, Brian Sullivan, Stan Temple, Molly Thompson, John Tirpak, Eric VanderWerf, Josh Vest, Johann Walker, Kevin Webb, Bill White, Alicia J. Wiseman, Chris Wood

We are grateful to the following organizations and programs for providing invaluable support, data analysis, and statistical modeling: The Leon Levy Foundation; The National Conservation Easement Database team consisting of The Trust for Public Land, Ducks Unlimited, Defenders of Wildlife, NatureServe, Conservation Biology Institute, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the U.S. Forest Service; the Gap Analysis Program at the University of Idaho; USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center; the Wolf Creek Foundation; and, the National Science Foundation through the Institute for Computational Sustainability (CCF-0832782), research grant (IIS-1017793), DataONE (OCI-0830944), and computing support from XSEDE (OCI-1053575 and DEB-110008). 



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