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State of the Birds Report

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Birds on Private Lands

2013SOTB_cover_200px.jpgThis fourth State of the Birds report highlights the enormous contributions private landowners make to bird and habitat conservation, and opportunities for increased contributions. Roughly 60% of land area in the United States (1.43 billion acres) is privately owned by millions of individuals, families, organizations, and corporations, including 2 million ranchers and farmers and about 10 million woodland owners. More than 100 species have 50% or more of their U.S. breeding distribution on private lands. 

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Banner images (L-R): Wood Duck pair by Roy Lammle; Grass photo by Jason Johnson, USDA-NRCS, Iowa; Cerulean Warbler by Glenn Bartley; Man with scope by Ian Shive; Henslow's Sparrow by Joshua Clark,