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State of the Birds Report

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Bird Distributions on Private Lands

To view distribution maps and percent of distribution on private lands, click on a habitat below to view the obligate species in that habitat.

About the maps:







A majority of distribution maps are based on models of predicted occupancy at roughly 934,000 grid points using data from eBird and associations with land cover and other key environmental variables. Brighter areas indicate a higher probability of occurrence. The date on each map indicates the model that best respresents either breeding or winter distribution for that species. (For more details, see Our Approach.)




For species with very small ranges or sparse eBird date, we generated maps using the frequency of each species reported on eBird checklists, which provide coarser data and summarized occupancy within 20 sq km blocks. Date range on each map indicates the span of data used to estimate breeding or winter distributions. To represent the breeding distributions for resident species we used data from throughout the year. (For more details, see Our Approach.)


Habitat Categories 

Boreal Forest 
Eastern Forest 
Western  Forest 
Pine-Oak Forest 
Subtropical Forest 
Resident Gamebirds 


Animated maps for some species are
available on the eBird website.



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